Installing New Gutters

What you need to know when you are making a decision on installing new gutters.

Installing new gutters is not only an investment in the longevity in home, but it is also a way to make an impact on the aesthetics of your home as well.  With all of the gutter colors and types that we offer you can add some pizzaz to your homes exterior while making sure the integrity benefits as well.  While doing your research there are a few things to consider.

Will you be hiring a professional gutter installation company to do the work, or will you be doing the work yourself. If you decide to hire a professional company you will probably want to go with a company that can install a seamless aluminum rain gutter.  Doing it yourself would probably limit you to having to install sectional gutters which are far inferior than seamless gutters. What size of gutters and downspouts do you need.  Will the smaller 5″ gutter work, or will you need the larger 6″ gutters. Would you like k-style gutters, or half round gutters and round downspouts. Some neighborhoods, and or historical districts may require you to install half rounds, like the City of Charleston for example.

What company to use when installing new gutters

Choosing the right company when installing new gutters is an important decision to make.

  1. You want to choose a company that offers premium materials.  The materials conform to certain standards and specifications.
  2. Is the company insured?  This usually doesn’t make a huge difference, but it is something to consider. Not too much damage can happen from a botched installation, but you never know.
  3. What kind of warranty does the company offer.  Having a warranty makes sure you know that the money you invest doesn’t go to waste.  You also want to make sure that the company stands behind the warranty.

This was just a brief explanation of what you should be looking for when installing new gutters, but if you would like more information give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.